Monday, May 27, 2019

Monday Made Me Laugh

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  1. So it seems that the US Navy is encountering "UFO" almost daily . They can do Mach 7+ and pull greater than 200 "G". In no other news. The starship that came past SOL last year has parked at Jupiter's "L" point. I wonder what it's drone explorer ships look like? Bet they go faster than an SR-71 and can turn on a dime at high speed. The military news is reporting that the military in joint effort with "contractors" is pulling everything that can be made to run, fly, or float out of every boneyard we have. Rumor's that Trump is a war monger drooling for WW3 not withstanding. I wonder what first contact will be like. Borg or Vulcan? G_D help us if it's the Jyunta on a bad hunt. --Ray