Tuesday, October 29, 2019

New Aztec Empire

Sure would be nice to have some extra security between us and the New Aztec Empire, but I'm probably racist for thinking that.

MEXICO CITY, Oct 27 (Reuters) - Police found more than 40 skulls, dozens of bones and a fetus in a glass jar next to an altar in the den of suspected drug traffickers in Mexico City during a raid this week, authorities said on Sunday.
Four of the skulls were built into the altar in the central Tepito neighborhood, where police arrested 31 people on Tuesday on suspicion of drug cartel activity, the city government said in a statement. A judge ordered 27 of the suspects released.


  1. Most likely the judge is on the take and the 27 ordered let go are the actual cartel members.


  2. The article doesn't say what kind of "altar" was found, but Palo Mayombe (the "black magic" version of Santeria) has a long history in Mexico and the drug-smuggling culture.

    1. Either way, perhaps a little more border security is in order.

  3. So nothing has changed in his tribe in 600 years. 90+ per cent of Mexicans are indio. The veneer of civilization is always been rolling paper thin for them. Once the "Church" stopped murdering them for practicing the old ways in secret......Everything you see in Mexico is 500 years of European rules being swept away. The old gods are back. The warfare of the tribes is back. Human offerings to the old gods is back. The funny part is... and too bad I won't live to see this... The day the Indio's start dragging white communist up the great stairs to feed them to the old god's. This is coming much faster than anyone outside Mexico can guess. For a people that think in ten thousand year blocks the last 500 years is just a blip. ----Ray