Saturday, October 19, 2019

Tonight's Music


  1. RUMJACKS!!!

    Blows and Unkind Words is my current favorite.

    1. I like that one, the line "I can't stand another night watching grown men fight, to music made for teenage girls." is far to apro for the times.

    2. My favorite lines come in the interlude.

      "Ah, get back to your corners ye filthy wee savages
      No terror hast thou for the brave
      Wi' yer four letter words all at three second intervals
      Two clicks away from a frosty ol grave

      If yer spoilin' to rumble then piss off to war
      And fer all of your trouble get heave-feckin-hoed
      For we staunch fit 'n proud and we'll suffer no more
      'O yer blow and unkind words!"

      Makes me think of Antifa (Hawwwk PTUI!)

    3. They've been dealing with that type for longer than us.