Thursday, November 21, 2019

Tonight's Music

The audio is a good as the....presentation.


  1. Oh WOW! A stripper in a fetish outfit that only does covers. Try "Band Maid" The latest tour is "world of domination" If you want hard core kink with hard rock. The Purple Pervert (Tony Chappa Chappa)Did an interview with them after a show and wound up in a pony Harness getting Saki Samma's riding crop.(the video was funny as hell. You Tube took it down) They are the real thing. The stripper is cute---but kind of dull. She doesn't really go into her act, and she does not have the chops to go far with clothing on. That's the draw back. She's a stripper that sings a little. Not a singer that strips---Ray

    1. Everyone's mileage may vary, though I do admit their "Welcome to the Jungle" cover was stronger. And I heard it first without the video.

    2. I think that this was a fairly accurate representation of the original, but then, I might have been swayed by the shiny leather. The musicians were pretty good, you must admit.