Wednesday, April 1, 2020

A Good Rant

I'm biased here, but this rant also sums up my curent feelings:

I'm assuming most, if not all, of my readers have seen the Lethal Weapon movies.  Remember Lethal Weapon 2, when the nasty, drug-dealing diplomats finally sent Riggs over the edge to the point he was barely coherent on the phone with Murtaugh?  "Miffed, I'm miffed, Rog..."
Remember what happened next? 
I've passed "pissed off," and I'm heading toward that level of "miffed."  Right now, the only thing keeping me grounded is the kids (who are, by the way, also the reason I'm headed toward "miffed"). 
The economy I grew up in, and have headed toward middle age learning how it trashed.  We have the same levels of unemployment now as we had during the worst parts of the Great Depression.  And it has been deliberate on the part of the Left.
Go read the whole thing.