Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Eastern Pravda in the Press Room

"Who owns that? China?" Trump asked.

"It's based in Hong Kong. ... It's a privately owned company."

But it turns out that Phoenix TV, which has aggressively sought to expand in the United States, has closer ties to the Chinese government than the reporter let on.

Within minutes of the exchange in the briefing room, consultant Elliot Schwartz flagged that in 2018, a former Phoenix TV news director testified as part of an FCC filing that the outlet is essentially controlled by China's Communist Propaganda Department, and follows a directive to not report positively on the United States.

 We really need to start treating China not only as a national competitor, but as one run by a totalitarian government. As others have said we've failed at exporting our values to them, we need to stop them from trying to export their values to us. The Maoist clubs at American universities shows how poorly we've been managing that.


  1. The Brutal Communist Dictatorship in China has only Murdered over 40 Million people (not counting how many they will kill with their Wuhan Virus)...why shouldn't we trust them?

    1. Because so many people have been taught to feel not think.