Thursday, August 25, 2022

Fresh Bag Inclusions: Trekking Pole

 Carrying on with items I seldom see mentioned in Bug-Out/Get-Home Bags:

A trekking pole gives you the obvious benefits that it does any hiker (third point of contact with uneven ground). But what any rural fitness walker can tell you is that territorial critters treat someone carrying a stick differently than they do someone who doesn't. As for two legged critters the pole serves as a visible (in your off hand) weapon, that might encourage them to wait for easier targets. Failing that it can help keep some distance while you reach for something more effective with your dominate hand.

It also wont scream weapon to officials failing to keep some semblance of order, just a walking stick. 

Cost: $15-25 so still less than you'd pay for a decent meal out.

Size: 20"x2"x2" collapsed so should fit on the side of where you store your bag.

Weight: .75lb and will probably help you manage your other burdens.


  1. That 3rd leg is often a good thing to have in rough country too. You're 2 for 2 in my book so far!