Sunday, August 5, 2012


Warning if you're at work or have any delicate sensiblities read no farther on this post, I'm not going to hide it beneith a page break because the h.sapiens who inspired it had no shame in rubbing it in my face.

If you fucking Doleists out there find it impossible to keep your fat faces fed without more than a thousand dollars this year from each of my children, then you're to fucking poor to be spending any fucking money in a convenience store.

What I know is happening in stead is that we collectively as a nation are financing your cigarettes, booze, drugs, gambling, video games, etc. Whatever you don't have to spend your actual fucking money on food worth is being bought because we wont let you starve on the consequences of your own buffoonery.

I don't want to hear about the poster child sob story of the poor waif who through no fault of her own would waste away in the gutter but for her EBT. Bullshit. My wife and I would easily qualify for several such handouts and we eat as nobility two centuries ago could only dream of without these handouts.

My sympathy ended when $180,000,000.00 plus interest was taken from our children this year alone in the form of IOUs with their names on it to shove convenience food in your face.


  1. Here here.

    It is out of control it's like the welfare state believes they should have no limits or rules period when using other peoples money.

  2. Thanks guys I was mildly nervous after the fact of about this rant.

  3. Nah, no worries . . . . you were down right gentle compared to my thoughts on the topic!!!