Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Scotch Nature: Brown Bag

Alright let's start with an easy one, Bring Your Fucking Lunch instead of eating out.

"Value Meal" $7.00 by the time you add tax and larger fries you don't really need and a larger drink even though they have free refills.

Two slices of bread $0.10

Four Slices of Ham $0.75

Two Slices of Cheese $ .50

Mustard $0.02

Bag of Chips $0.25

Can of Soda $0.25

Now I admit it might not be cool or "a break from work" or as satisfying to do this every day. I personally love to eat out as a luxury, but if you don't have any money for when you break a tooth or when a tire blows fast food isn't much help now is it?

Let's go over how much the difference adds up. $5(I'm rounding down to be on the safe side) times 5 working days equals $25 per work week equals $260 per year.

So was it the King, Jack, or Ronald who took your emergency fund?


  1. Ramen noodles at my desk. Either that or leftovers. I can take a walk around the lake if I want to get away from the office

    1. Well with Ramen you save $6 per day(with the "good" ramen), equals $1560.00 saved per year.

      But you know people just can't afford health insurance.

  2. $5.00 will make you a nice lunch. Homemade bread, and you're the office envy!

    1. I can't do the math on that, but some of the times I brought in leftover chili I was the target of much envy.

      Some foods give leftovers a bad name, but we tend to fix things for dinner that make awesome leftovers.