Saturday, August 22, 2015

Where Johnny Jihadi Least Expects It.

You could come within inches of feeling sorry for this islamotard one moment he's anticipating a nice slaughter of petrified Western Europeans, the next he's getting tackled, curb-stomped, and beaten with is his own gun, by off duty US Military.......good work lads I'm sure that your fellow service members will appreciate the sudden steep discount on European public transportation.


  1. Except the french media has been saying the marines took the law into their own hands like its a bad thing.


    1. What else do you expect from the French? Especially the French elites.

      The fields of Verdun was fertilized with most of the remainder of French masculinity, and the Bourbons and their revolution pruned honest self reflection back quite a bit.

      Besides if they didn't shift the focus soon they might have to admit they have a slight jihad problem.