Wednesday, October 12, 2016

In Related Future News...

Tam was forced to shoot a whole bunch of Branch-Tumpidians who read a Breitbart News fatwa claiming this post meant that she was endorsing Hillary Clinton for president.

Pravda Breitbart News stated emphatically that Hillary's worst nightmare was to have to run against the only person in America both more hated than her and with just enough rapeyness to muddy the waters of her own husband's rapeyness.


  1. At this point its ether trump and more traditional "lets make a deal" politics. Or its hilda hitler and death camps for whites. Calling on every gun bloggers favorite Glock queer and high priestess of the church of the black gun to shoot "Branch Tumpidians" negates any right to bitch when the Clintons begin the great extermination of gun owners and "Standard Rednecks". With any luck we get Trump and he proves to be if not good then at least competent. Hillda Hitler will be the greatest disaster the world has ever known.

    1. Wow you turn words around so well you should go work for Turmpbart. Turning someone making fun of the whole "Any criticism of Cheetos-Jesus = You want Hillary to win and usher in a rain of darkness." into he's calling on someone else to shoot Trump supporters. Didn't Hillary unfairly do that to Trump a while back with the whole secret service armament thing?

      Btw if you're really hanging lables on candidates Mao(I think she actually bought his old wardrobe) would be better for Hillary being more workers of the world unite thing. The whole nationalist socialism via single payer health care and nationalizing the banks belongs to someone else.

      Lastly I don't recall permanently assigning my vote to party, they earn it or they don't. In Trump's case he specifically said he didn't want or need mine which is a good thing because he hasn't. I broke my "lesser evil" bone voting for Romney in 2012 AND OBAMA STILL WON.