Saturday, February 24, 2018

As far as I'm concerned it's now cannon


  1. WTFO??!! Where did you find that??? BTW Double ++ nerd point for you on that one!!--Ray

  2. I am always amazed that "Revy" is not the craziest female in "Black Lagoon". That would have to go to "Sawer"(spell?) or "Rebecca". But in a story where they stack body's like cord wood....Who's to say what crazy lurks around the next page?--Ray

    1. It was "Sawyer" and "Roberta"--Ray

  3. Looks interesting, and Ebay has some preowned DVDs for a reasonable price.
    And I remembered to check the region codes.
    They are on the way.

  4. @John: READ THE MANGA!! It is far and away more detailed, and bloodier, than the Anime. In the latest (#96 I believe) "Revy" shoots a guy who is locked in a cell, in a Thai jail 'cause his singing pisses her off, then gets into a gunfight with an M-60 GPMG armed assassin. All while "Rock" and the Chinese spy girl....Well spoilers! Guess you'll have to look up the bloody details. Try kiss manga.--Ray