Thursday, July 9, 2020

Better Than I Can Say It

As usual my wife puts things better than I can.

Words mean things...

...until they don't. .....
....Take the word racism.  Or, better yet, racist.  Used to, it meant someone who actively said or did awful things to people of other races--Native American, Chinese, African, you name it--because they thought those of other races weren't really human.  Barely a step up from an animal. 
In my very biased opinion it's worth your time to read it all.


  1. Liberals and Leftists (but I'm being redundant) are always changing the meanings of words.
    Look at aborting, illegal immigrants, "Peaceful protests" and the like and see how the meaning and terminology has morphed over time.

    1. Pretty much, but like so many things lately the crazy seems to have shifted to high gear.