Thursday, November 8, 2012

Okay Everyone Sulking in Your Tent Time is Over.

"You can always count on Americans to do the right thing, after they've exhausted all other options."  Sir Winston Churchill

Other people(my wife included) have gone over what went wrong with the last presidential election. I'm going to try to avoid "admiring the problem" as much as I can at least on this post. Suffice for the moment that the Republican establishment nominated the guy who was "next in line" and that guy thought he could "play it safe" into the White-house.

I want to go over what we need to do now on both the macro and the micro scale to reverse the momentum in the currently non-violent (I pray it remains so) slow motion civil war. I'll probably end up doing expanding posts on most of these points.

First on a personal level:
  1. If you're sitting on more than a 3-6 month liquid cash reserve now is the time to make sure you're personally stocked on the "beans, bullets, and band-aids."
  2. We need to no only inoculate our children against the Marxist indoctrination machine that the schools and colleges have become but we must teach them the very finest in Rhetoric so that they can become a virus of truth among their ignorant and brainwashed peers.
  3. We all need to become the citizen journalists even inexpensive digital cameras and nowadays most cell phones can take half an hour of video and any of us can currently put that out where the whole world could see it. We have at our disposal "weapons of truth" that dissident movements through out history could only dream of, now we just need the courage of our convictions to actually use them. The old media will not tell the truth, but the good news is almost nobody actually admits to trusting them.
  4. Meet some new people, this one will be hardest for me because I'm more comfortable as a very private person. We need to go out a put our faces on the liberty movement, we need to tell the people on food stamps and welfare that we believe in them that they can do better than this; many haven't heard that in a long time and have stopped believing it themselves.
On the macro scale:
  1. The Republican party is either about to recognise the reality check of this last election or they are soon to be a minority "third party" itself. This is going to have to be an enormous judgment call as to when or if to jettison the GOP; there will be consequences either way.
  2. We need to get behind conservative minorities and support them. Minority communities are in a "Stockholm Syndrome" that doesn't seem breakable from outside that specific community. We not only need these people freed from their electoral lockstep chains, but we owe it to our fellow man to liberate him from his ideological bondage.
  3. The Democrats aren't going to make the mistake of nominating Biden or Hillary in 2016(or rather I wish they would) they think they've found the unbeatable formula. Find a blank slate minority that can read a teleprompter and use him as your sock puppet. We need to be ready to counter that this time.
This is an incomplete list of things we need to do to I'd like to ask any readers to share their ideas, I only ask us to keep our pessimism (The Establishment GOP will never let that happen) in check. I know that there will be fierce opposition inside and outside our own supposed side. Let us try to keep a problem solving attitude, and do our best to include ways to overcome problems not let ourselves be permanently roadblocked by them.


  1. Maybe check out Bill Whittles idea of crowdsourcing parallel .gov services, such as his space program or homeschooling writ large.

    1. I'll check it when I can, though on the space program Space X could probably be launching brave souls into orbit now but for the red tape.

  2. Well said, my friend. The time for tears is long past.

    1. One day probably qualified as excessive mourning for the Romney campaign.

  3. The reality check is that the femocrat party has convinced enough White women that White males are (Insert one) Dweeps, controlling patriarchs, whimps, have all the power etc. In the process they have also managed to bring in enough NOn-White people legally and illegally while handing them a voter form and an EBT card to turn the tide and out vote us. This will never change from this point forward.

    We have two choices. We can become the Femocrat party and tow the line or we can fight back in a different arena.

    Those are our only options now.

    1. I agree that we need to change the playing field but I haven't yet crossed my line of John Brown's last words.

      I feel I owe it to my children to do everything I can to preserve our union rather than tearing it apart.

      I know however there is a line and everyone draws it at a different place. I don't know that you are wrong about how far things are gone my friend but I'm not quite ready to stop bailing and get in the lifeboat yet, though I know there's a chance I'm waiting too late.

      If nothing else we need a cultural rear guard action to show future generations.