Saturday, January 9, 2016

Glamor Shots

 Just in case you thing this blog only appreciates one kind of beauty. More not safe for Obama below the break.


  1. Having owned three of them I'd say that IMO the bayonet equipped 1898 Winchester is almost as silly & useless as the bayonet equipped Webly. The model 1898 may have been a fine hunting arm in its day, but its a poor "combat arm" in the field--- at best.---Ray

    1. If I recall the intention was for specially equipped assault troops to clear trenches in WWI so I suppose the intention was to have something besides bad language for the sixth angry Hun.

    2. Not the shotgun I find ridiculous but the BAYONET equipped shotgun. If you've never owned one the bayonet mounts are a flimsy outfit AT BEST and were seldom used by troops after the first trench raid. The tactics didn't stress Bayonets after the first encounters. Here's how they did a shotgun armed trench raid: 12 men: #1 and2 carried shotguns loaded with buckshot to clear the path. # 3- 4-5-6 carried 1911's and large bags of ammo and grenades (gas and blast/frag) and shotguns that were reloaded in relays then passed to the point men / "bombers". The last four men were armed with '03's and .45's and fought as a "drag" or rear guard. If it was a night raid the "Point" might be armed with clubs or knives for silent killing, but otherwise it was a "run and gun" killing everyone they encountered and throwing frags/gas down every hole for 50-100 yards then bugger off home. And the 1897 Winchester shotgun IS a six shooter. It is also a blue BITCH to strip and clean (nearly impossible to clean in the field) and will jam hopelessly if even a little muddy.---Ray