Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sacrificing Feminists on the Altar of the Crescent Vote

Showing again the complete willingness of the would-be new elite to throw any and all of their supporters tools under the bus in a mad bid to return to a days of peons and aristocrats. Personally I don't think these would be new elite are going come out in the end but it will be hard on everyone else first. ht: Red State.
As a general point, it really is astonishing the extent to which the feminist left (in fact, the left in general) is prepared to veto entire chapters of its own otherwise Inquisitorially-enforced ideology in the interests of maintaining 100% solidarity with Islam — the most ruthlessly misogynistic force in the world today. The same people who see and hear rape culture literally everywhere (on University campuses, in wolf-whistles, on saucy t-shirts worn by rocket scientists, etc) somehow suddenly can’t see or hear it at all when it involves feral mobs of migrants assaulting women en masse in public in major European cities. Amid a miasma of double standards and self-contradictory froth, what’s clear is that the left is only opposed to evils like misogyny, homophobia, and racism inasmuch as they can be bundled into a knout and wielded without mercy to give white, western, man a damn good thrashing.

The gangs of a disarmed Europe also demonstrate the basic unfairness of gun control, because when kinetic force can only come from upper body strength society becomes a tyranny of the young, the male, and the numerous.

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