Thursday, May 26, 2016

Terraformed Mars

An Artist's take on what Mars would be like, Olympus Mons makes it's own mega island.


  1. Not gonna happen. The rock is too small to hold an O2/N atmo and has no magnetic field to stop the rays. The only way to "terraform" Mars or Venus would be to first find them a good sized moon to "kick start" the core rotation to gain a magnetic field. Then find enough water to build an ocean. THEN you could work on atmo. Shouldn't take more than 10000 years for Mars and a million or so for Venus. Easy- peasy.---Ray

    1. Oh I know that the idea is closer to science fantasy than science fiction, but I still though the rendering was pretty cool. Besides if you can move moons around snagging a few dozen comets for volitiles should be straight forward.

  2. Replies
    1. Well for starters you're still working with something that receives a lot less solar energy than we do. So even with more of a greenhouse effect the water cycle and oxygen cycle would have less energy to work with.