Friday, May 19, 2017

Goodstuffing Fills in the Gaps

Busy week in tight confines not much time to post, so if you feel slighted go over to the GoodStuff and get your fill of awesome randomness.

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  1. thanks busy Dude! - CHEERS

    I got a some third world problems this week...

    The hounds found the remains of a cobras shedding their skins. Cobras normally hang out in pairs but I can't find either one...

    The wife unit got a bit lazy (hot season) and ate at the roadside buffet late yesterday afternoon. She now has a real bad case of food poisoning. She has seen the local quack and will OK in a couple of days. I was drinking some beer with my food. So all I got was a bad case of the farts. LOL

    A photoshopped photo of the new king was going viral but was censored by Facebook by "orders" of the junta. However, this exposed the dudes behind the curtain. Google is your friend

    BTW - The sanctuary park for drunks is growing at incredible pace. We built a shelter from the rain using old "vote for me" street advertisements. I not sure if it's a good thing but the food venders are now leaving leftover food for the street dogs and other critters...