Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Weekly Good Stuff

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Incidentally my wife and I recently watched and MST3Kd Red Sonja, we like the movie but fully admit it's awfulness.


  1. thanks Dude

    All good stories start with beer... We have held several wakes in front of the village this past month. The women folk and the afternoon vendors have started to complain to us and to Thaywon, the old lady that sells rot gut whiskey.

    Thaywon and Than (an old hard case) clear the brush and righted some spirit houses around an old spirit tree which was next to a creek, about 70 meters from my house. Thaywon set up shop and declared it the new sanctuary park for drunks.

    The site has access to government water and we are stealing electricity via induction. Myself and others have supplied old tables and chairs

    Some asshole dump a mommy dog and her four puppies near the sanctuary park. Than shocked everybody by feeding and playing with the new dogs. He even hired some labors to build a large bungalow style doghouse.

    Every time I go to have a beer, I can see new improvements. This project has the potential to develop into some big. - more updates next week

  2. I gave up on this silly bitch(pardon the pun) when she made video's breast feeding her dog.--Ray

  3. "Give me your dirty love. The way your moma make that nasty poodle do." (Frank Zappa)---Ray