Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday Fuckoff Open Thread

Not to much to fuckoff this week, mostly work e-mails that come in within 10min of the end of the day can fuckoff with toast. Also the Obamacare "lite" that the Republican progressives to include the president are looking to pass can fuckoff with the entire length of the the printed bill rolled up and shoved into the assholes of everyone voting for it, what part of repeal full stop do you fuckwads not understand?

The floor is yours angry readers.


  1. Fucking shit eating bacteria! you feed them best mother fucking crap; and after five short years "they" fucking announce "you did not give me enough fucking sugar and your choice of soap sucks"

    Will you shit eating bacteria you can eat puppy poo poo and plastic sugar and get some kind of HIV

    any more complaints and you will not get oysters out of season... bitches

  2. how about a fuck off to the idiots suiting home depot, that already sued lowes, because a fucking 2x4 isn't exactly 2x4. grow the hell up. and a great big fuck off to the mass media that manufactures "news" while ignoring things like 238 elites of los angeles being arrested on pedophilia, kiddie porn and child trafficking charges among other things we should know about our so called leaders. and just for shits and giggles, fuck off hillary clinton. this deplorable knows what you did last summer(an much of the last 40 years) and i ain't gonna forget it neither. oh and fuck off weatherfools for getting the weekend forecast totally wrong, again. everybody else have a nice day, deserve it or not.