Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday Fuckoff Open Thread

The smackheads who stole the push-mower I had at my old house to cut the grass there can fuck off with the syphilitic truck-stop whore they bareback on a pity discount because she's their aunt, before the hopefully phentonal laced heroin they bought with their ill gotten money kills them painfully.

Also the people protesting the state governor by picketing at a local HOSPITAL can fuckoff with a sandpaper dildo as big as their lack of class and decency.

The floor is yours angry readers what's cheesed your grits this week, bonus points for creative profanity.


  1. Yea Fuck off fucktards, fuck off my x-wife and her psychotic cheating bullshit, her boyfriend dropped dead jogging from a heart attack, LOL - LOL how’s that for fucking pay back. Truth is that guy is lucky I still got to deal with the bitch. And fuck all of you pussies, limp dick social justice warriors, that’s right I am a angry white guy and I am not a racist, but keep calling me one and I will be one and burn this motherfucker down with you inside it. Pussy!

  2. a great big fuck off to that guy in the red truck with n.c. plates that pulled right the fuck out in front of me on hwy 60 yesterday. how do you n.c. people get your damn license to drive down there? good fucking thing i just got my brakes replaced wheel to wheel a couple weeks ago. guess that 1k bucks paid off after all. i thought about running you the fuck over but figured with my luck the air bag would fail and i'd get a windshield sandwich. as it was i had to take the ditch and even then you stupid ass almost hit me. what-the-fuck? never mind just fuck the fuck off.