Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Supplemental TTRB

 More not safe for fan service below the break.


  1. AH! I see you found the cover art for the manga "Gate. Thus The SDF fought there" That is my favorite depiction/cover art, as it most closely follows the descriptions in the novels. The Anime really altered both Rory Mercury and "Kurry-san" to the point of unrecognizability.(same with the rest of the "demi-humans") The Anime does the same with the Elves women and Warrior Bunnies (all female). Both of whom are described in the books as capable of using bows that can hurl an arrow 300 meters, killing with one shot, and "worth five Japanese SF troopers in hand to hand combat". Bunny Warriors are especially terrifying as they are a tribe of blood drinking headhunters, who spend there entire lives hunting each other.(and anyone else that crosses them) They are also much larger/stronger/faster than the JSDF troopers. They are also "Beautiful". "Rory-san" is depicted in the book and Manga as: Looking like a "13 to 16 year old Japanese girl" "Dressed in a black and red gothic Lolita outfit" who plays with a "50 kilo" Glave like it's a cheerleaders baton. Can lift the front end of a HUMMV without effort and has other hinted at, god like, superpowers. "Kuribayashi-san" is "not really tall enough to have enlisted". "Large breasted", with "short, chestnut brown, hair" Very thickset and strong. Who "charges into battle without thinking" She is a born Samurai. Both Rory Mercury(Apostle of the god of war, death, murder, and madness) and later the deadliest of the Bunny Warriors consider her as almost a little sister. The Anime, although good, changed the story A LOT.--Ray

  2. And thanks again. I do love all of them.--Ray