Friday, March 2, 2018

BeCos(play) It's Friday

More not safe to get obsessed with you below the break and as always bonus nerd points for recognizing characters.



  1. In no particular order: High school of the dead- Rei. The fifth element Laylu. Ghost in the shell Maj. Motiko Kusinagi . One touch. Pokémon. Street fighter. War hammer 40K. Spice and Wolf (and who wouldn't want a nude wolf goddess?) Deadpool & Harley Quinn. Lollipop chainsaw. Saline the mutant vampire deathdealer. Elfin Lied, LUCY- and WITH her vectors out.(everybody's gonna die now) Team rocket. Ezra Scarlet. Poison Ivy . Salina Kyle. Black Canary. Wonder Woman. VAMPIRA!! Jessica Rabbit. Red Sonya.... WOOSH!! So many more I'd have to look up--Ray