Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Supplemental TTRB

 More not safe for fan service below the break.

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  1. The artist made some mistakes! It is the one problem the Japanese manga culture has with weapons. They only know what they read or see in movies. "Stalingrad sniper girl" WOULD NOT be smoking outside. The smell and smoke are both dead giveaways that a live human is nearby. A fatal error for most. "Garand girl". NEVER John Wayne your hand grenades, lest you find yourself crawling past something big in the dark and discover the meaning of "Sucking chest wound", or attract your foe with the famous last words. "OH SHIT!" when you snag the pin on something. If you are lucky. "French cavalry girl" is about to become "French infantry girl". For the rest portrayed without spare ammo..They are only slightly better off than "French cavalry girl".---Ray