Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tab Clearing: Of Doom

My browser tabs seem to have exploded with bad news worth of mentioning:

UAW getting ready to punish Ford for not taking gubment bailout. Cults don't like it when you wont drink your Cool-aid.

UN is gearing up for a new "small arms treaty". I have a different take from most gunnies on this, notice all of the world's oligarchs and dictators crafting a measure to keep their serfs from acquiring arms to get rid of them. This isn't aimed at the US as much as it is aimed at making sure another society like it doesn't happen. Though Filipino gunsmiths, making hand-built copies of the S&W that their grandfathers macheted a gringo to death for, might point out the fallacy of this idea.

Video of two men shooting up a public bus in Philadelphia(now officially the US's most ironically named city) to avenge someone telling a female relative not to spank her child. I'm sure these are some of those evil concealed carry permit holders the left is so worried about. Who really thinks these people purchased or owned these weapons legally?

The DEA apparently didn't want to be left behind the ATF when it comes to dealing with drug cartels. DEA actively helped a Mexican drug cartel evade arrest and smuggle tones of drugs into the US. Basically in exchange for information on this cartel's enemies we gave them a free pass to do whatever they wanted. That certainly is a CHANGE and unfortunately I can believe in it.

State fairs seem to have become popular places to beat whitey. Oddly you don't see the same calls for "Social Networking Control" that you see for "Gun Control".

Standard and Poor's downgrades US debt. Boy am I glad that our elected leaders raised the debt ceiling nothing makes your credit rating go up faster than owing more on credit cards than you make in a year.


  1. I don't get that whole small arms treaty thing. I gather that they want to limit the amount of arms moving about internationally but it's not individuals that we need to worry about. How many Canadians are selling their hunting rifles to Somali pirates?

    Besides, the bloody Afghans make AK-47's in blacksmith shops around the country. I doubt this will do much.

    As I mentioned before, maybe we should just be sending platoons out to secure villages rather then generating more pointless paper.

  2. The Somali pirates are getting their guns from Uncle Sam(check a few posts down). As for private citizens I've often wished to be able to send a crate of Mosins and a couple spam cans of ammo to a Sudanese Christian village to be able to defend themselves but I'm already not allowed to.

  3. Have you watched this TV series on "gun modification" ??

  4. Oh god, that show annoys me to no end.

  5. I've avoided it BCR, the way they've put "Top Shot" together is annoying enough. Besides combining Orange County Chopper antics with firearms strikes me as a bad idea.