Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bike Trail Impovements

Someone seems to have stumbled upon a way to ease congestion on bike paths.
It has worked everywhere it's been tried except for Indianapolis, coincidentally local taxidermists report an uptick in business.


  1. We do need some more top end predators around here.

    1. Last I hear quite a few of the bears they tried to reintroduced to Arkansas didn't like it there(who can blame them), and moved north to Missouri.

      That and we're getting more and more evidence of cougars in the western part of the state.

    2. I haven't seen anything larger than a honey bear up here and that was twenty years ago. I can tell you that if you ever visit the conservation center in Jefferson City that the cougar they have stuffed there roamed the Small-Hold a few times before meeting his end.

      If the Arkansas bears get up this way we will have issues I do not want to have to electrify a fence around my hives.

    3. I wonder if you can count bee-hives as livestock being endangered by a predator?