Saturday, November 11, 2017


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  1. We talk and wright about "rememberance" But we don't. Not really. Because we can't. We will never know the terror of the green and yellow clouds of death rolling across the fields, of months long bombardment. Of "going over the top" to certain death. The horror staring day after day across the mud covered and rotting body's of men and animals pounded to bitts by years long barrages. The inescapable stench. The numbing fear. A war that started for the "Commonwealth" in Ypres and ended four years later less that 12 miles away in Passchendaele. Leaving only death. Thousands of battlefields. Millions dead. Millions more traumatized forever. For nothing. So we wave the flag once a year and "remember"....No we really don't. I will thank G_D or luck or whatever is running the universe that I don't. That's my Nov.11---Ray