Monday, September 12, 2011

Common sense sighted in Chicago!

State representative La Shawn Ford has started to advocate for concealed carry rights in the last true bastion of gun control Chicago.

“They’re saying we’re making criminals out of law-abiding citizens. They’re saying you’re only siding with the criminals because the criminals could care less about the law.”

The ironic thing is that minority neighborhoods that are most likely to have some form of extra-constitutional restriction on the 2nd amendment are where you find higher rates of gun crime.  How am I the racist for saying that people who live in the South side of Chicago are responsible enough to live under the same firearms laws as people in the wilds of Alaska? Who is served by having law abiding minorities disarmed, and dependent on the non-existent protection of the police? And what other policies have these people been pushing since the "Great Society" and how has it affected the inner city?

Watch that first step off of the plantation Mr. Ford it's a dozy, but it's worth it.

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