Saturday, September 3, 2011

Gunsmith my.......

Two WV deputies were working on a Glock at one of their homes that supposedly doubled as a "gunsmith workshop" when the weapon discharged and managed to hit both of them. Now that I'm getting a few readers that are certainly into the armorer category if not give me the blueprint/broken part and I'll give you something that goes bang safely gunsmith category, I must ask. Just how badly has the has the media insulted you by anointing these chuckle-heads "gunsmiths"? I suppose there could have been some hideous jamb that left a live round in the chamber and required disassembly  in that state. In the name of their patron saint Gaston Glock exactly what required covering your hand with the barrel while pointing it at your buddy's leg to clear?

My own theory leans to their patron saint being Augustus Busch and after their communion they decided to clean their gun for the first time in years. Even though I don't drink this is one reason that I dislike firearms you have to pull the trigger to disassemble.

Remember kids law enforcement officials are the only people professional enough to handle a GlockBANG........

ht:Say Uncle

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