Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tab Clearing MRSI

Duke has a better term for tab clearing than I do.

The Black Panthers put together a "Self Defense Video", given that I saw them break EVERY SINGLE GUN SAFETY RULE in the first 30 seconds we might not actually have to worry about too many of these morons.

In the .gov damned if you do and .gov damned if you don't, the DOJ is suing a trucking company for firing an alcoholic truck driver as if there wouldn't have been a lawsuit if the guy got liquored up and drove a truck full of hazmat into a school-bus.

A Polish Holocaust memorial marking the site where Jews were buried alive was vandalized, spray painted with the slogan: "We aren't sorry, and they were flammable." It seems that the traditional European pastime of Jew-hating is coming back above the surface.

The BATFE has been hiding evidence of murders committed with Gunwalker guns. I'm not sure what else can be said about just how despicable this whole episode is.

Illustrating the problems with SWAT proliferation and the cult of Tacticool, Steven Segal drives a SWAT armored vehicle into someone's living room and kills a puppy. Ironically besides narcotics the warrant for these people listed animal cruelty.

Lastly a German City has installed meters for prostitutes to pay their taxes. Brings new meaning to the terms meter maids, feeding the meter, and random acts of kindness.

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