Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Peaceful Occupation

A convicted felon with a rifle was arrested at Occupy Seattle. Though the media displays their typical familiarity with firearms in refering to this as a short barreled rifle,  just eyballing I can tell the barrel is over 16".

But remember the tea party are the scary violent militia types, also 2+2=5 don't make me get the rat cage.


  1. It's a silly-assed Ruger mini-14 with a folding stock....surprised they didn't call it an 'assault' rifle. I truly despise the media of today.

  2. "Concealability" seems to be becoming the new anti-gun boogieman. This strikes me as ironic because some developments of concealable firearms are the result of the old >10 magazine ban.

    Just like the ban on "Saturday night specials" seemed to spur the development(and use by criminals) of high capacity auto pistols.

  3. It's not an assault rifle because it wasn't pictured with a magazine. If there had been a regular-capacity mag sticking out, it would have become an assault rifle or an AK47. ;)

    Apparently this guy was wandering around with a partial ammo box but no mags, so I guess if he needed it he was going to feed one round into the chamber at a time out of the box.

  4. One might wonder if Mr. Armedfelon Occupying had managed to ditch his mags successfully before "the man" collared him.