Monday, October 10, 2011

Topeka Kansas Backs Domestic Violence Victims Into A Corner

City officials have found a new strawman to demand ever greater government funding. As you know any time people seriously talk of merely slowing the growth of government or heaven forbid real cuts, we are told that the police, firemen, and teachers are the first and only places that can be cut. Pay no attention to the offices full of buricrats making the lives of citizens miserable, the bloated SEIU contracts, or the "winning" bids that top campaign contributors happen to have.

Now Topeka Kansas has found a new treat to beat away the tides of austerity. Apparently the only place they can save money in the prosecutors office is to stop prosecuting domestic violence cases. This leaves people in a situation of having to protect themselves, sadly many of the victims have been so mentally traumatized that they can't. Doubtlessly the few who do shoot an escalating abuser will be portrayed as "taking the law into their own hands. I would ask what else is left when the law has arbitrarily declared its hands off of abusive scum like this?


  1. When people start talking about cuts, I immediately think of the waste of time and money involved in enforcing pot laws.

    Now I not talking about giving dealers and stuff a free ride but busting people for possession (for personal use) just seems like a waste of cash.

  2. I thought of that too, but I didn't want to get sidetracked that much.