Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend Tab Clearing

Tabs of things worth blogging upon seemed to explode on my broweser this weekend:

FBI study suggest gang recruiting/infiltration of military the worrisome thing to my mind isn't gang members going in to the military, it would be if large numbers are still allied to their gangs when they leave the military. If so it means we have a moral or discipline problem.

The pro-Israel muslim man who was attacked in my own state is speaking out about his ordeal. If we don't squash this quickly the next dhimmi could be Americans in America.

In something that should have been a bigger story the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia died this weekend. Wither you like the Sauds or not this could have huge implications to the future cost of energy, not that you would know it from our president giving the condolance call from the middle of his gold game.

Obama has also been found on tape proving his AG perjured himself to congress about the  gunwalker scandal.

Though Katie Pavlich has done an amazing report showing just how deep the rot goes in the BATFE. It certainly seems that the "brains" behind Operation Fast and Furious is vindictive enough to be classified as an accomplice in the attempted murder of the family of one of his own field agents.  Even going so far as to allege the agent burned his own home while his wife and children were in it. Moreover this bag of excrement has been promoted and is using his new greater power to intimate anyone who would step forward and make him look bad.

In related news a 66 year old woman that the Brady Bunch would love to see helpless shot a recently released criminal who was breaking into her house. This guy was determined enough that he didn't stop even after she fired two warning shots. I don't personally advocate warning shots since in my opinion if something is dire enough to warrant discharging a firearm it is dire enough to need to be used for effect. This is just one more hint that anyone but especially women, the infirm and the elderly should consider changing from muscle to chemically powered self defense.

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