Monday, January 30, 2012

Occupy IEDs in America

“Officers were pelted with bottles, metal pipe, rocks, spray cans, improvised explosive devices and burning flares, the police said.” Officers responded with smoke, tear gas and beanbag projectiles. Twenty people were arrested.
 So the moveable move-in riot that is Occupy Oakland decided that they were going to skip straight to revolution and violently take over a disused convention center(though the presence of construction equipment suggests that it wasn't going to remain disused), however they were a victim of their own publicity and their grandstanding in sending letters to the mayor.

They also apreared to have some rather proactive necrophiliacs in their group.
“Kill the police” and “F**k the police.”

It's nice to know that our local Occupy Joplin is in Solidarity with fine people like this.


  1. Replies
    1. I don't know but they got all butt-hurt at me over my observing that their logo resembled the Aryan Fist.

    2. When this occupy crap started, I 'warned' REMEMBER KENT STATE.......

      "THEY" still have a chance!!

  2. So they must think winter is over, as these clowns are coming out of hiding. I think they need a good old water cannon salute, Don't you.