Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sunday Reading: Healthcare Scarcity

New series here of posting something worth reading in my opinion:

Because we are a largely cooperative species, we do not like that very much. It seems unfair and unkind. So we try to make an end run around scarcity with things such as health insurance and government medical plans, both of which are based on the same economic principle: Someone else pays. But scarcity does not care who is paying: Scarcity is scarcity. In the most monopolistic public-health systems (e.g., the ones in the United Kingdom and Canada), there is a lot of saying “No,” though it is what we might call a “Japanese no” — saying “no” without actually saying it. They put you on a waiting list and hope you die before they actually have to say “No,” or they simply expect you to accept that some services and treatments are categorically unavailable. There is a reason New York City’s hospitals are full of rich Canadians who cannot afford the free health care at home.
Go read the whole thing and see the problems with socialized medicine in a whole new light. You might also start thinking of some new solutions to the real problem.

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  1. Williamson is a smart cookie. He's very good on a variety of subjects.