Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Good(stuff) Spicey Korean BBQ

Our favorite weekly cybermag/blog wont leave you hungry half an hour later, but nowadays you might be a teeny bit radioactive. Life's all about choices.


  1. Having several Korean "military brides" I can testify that they DO NOT generally look like that. The ARE pretty. BUT: Most of the Korean girls in entertainment have had plastic surgery. Sometimes a lot of plastic surgery. It's why so many of them look so much alike.---Ray

  2. Several Military brides in the family. Sheesh. --Ray

    1. I wasn't going to ask if they were concurrent or sequencial.


  3. Actually they are generational. About six members of my extended family bring their Korean wives to the family reunion every year. Ages range from 80-25. We also have Indian's ,Vietnamese. and one Japanese and one from the PI (She's HOT!). Two Mexicans(one male) and an Irish Catholic. She's nice so we let her in anyway.--Ray

  4. Thanks Dude - this is the first blog I read today and now I will have a goofy grin on my face, all day.

    have a good one - Cool Dude