Monday, November 7, 2011

Occupy Joplin Aryan Fist Logo

Something had been tickling the back of my mind about the Occupy Joplin logo.
Finally I remembered the Aryan Fist logo.
For such a pasty white bunch this seems a bit ominous.
Especially when you consider the American Nazi endorsement of Occupy Wall Street. As well as the rampant anti-antisemitism in the whole movement of occupididiots. These concurrences wouldn't be allowed to slip uncommented upon about a Tea Party event, so I'm sure Occupy Joplin wont mind me asking: Why chose a racist symbol?


  1. yet you bring the color card into it first? go figure

  2. Awww...anonymous chicken troll, how cute.

    I seem to remember being called a racist by association for asking the politicians to please not enslave my children to debt, simply because a major figure in this spending happened to be a minority, this of course was while Kenneth Gladney was being beaten by SEIU's purple people beaters.

    If my associations can be called racist for spittle that scores of video cameras failed to record, then I'm surely it isn't too unfair to ask what's with the upraised white fist.

    And if people want to deconstruct symbols I find meaningful to find all manner of "...ism" then I'll deconstruct theirs.

    Feel free to keep trolling, your opinions don't hurt me, and provide mild entertainment.

  3. Some other white supremacist groups include the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense and the Jewish Defense League, apparently.

  4. Also let's go this far, if you are going to "label" people based on a symbol, then that means you would have to brand a whole entire history of people "nazi's" because they also used the Swastika symbol.

    maybe you should learn the entire facts about a subject, before ASSUMING you know a group just by a symbol.

    The raised fist (also known as the clenched fist) is a symbol of solidarity and support.[1] It is also used as a salute to express unity, strength, defiance, or resistance. The salute dates back to ancient Assyria as a symbol of resistance in the face of violence.

    So please continue with your biased opinions because you cannot fight these facts

  5. Black Panther's use a black fist(or a baton outside a polling place), on the other hand if Occupy Joplin is really a Jewish defense league it looks like they are going to be needed.

  6. after all that info you pick out 1 negative? out of all the positive ones?

  7. My dear anonymous troll what made you think I was talking to you Jonnykaje seems fairly ideologically opposed to me in nearly every way but he was at least considerate enough to comment as someone.

    If I wanted to pick apart the raised fist as a symbol I'd have to the 1922 October revolution mentioned on your own Wikipedia link, then I'd have to talk about the Holodomor and the Terror. Or we could talk about Earth First or Zimbabwe African National Union. If that isn't enough of a pause for selecting a logo, perhaps we could discuss the Red Star over Joplin.

  8. keep stretching my friend, keep stretching for reasons to dialike, that is your right.

    Anyone can find symbolism to fit their ideology in almost anything if they look and twist things hard enough.

    But I need to go eat and do some studying, but I am glad OccupyJoplin has at least made you interested enough, to at least give them some of your thoughts. Shows that they are raising awareness.

    You do however sound like you're reaching for a way to get your disapproval across while sounding meaningful and thoughtful.

  9. Anyone can find symbolism to fit their ideology in almost anything if they look and twist things hard enough.

    Once(clenched white fist) is circumstance, twice(communist red star) is happenstance, we're getting darn close to my paranoia telling me it's enemy action.

    But if these are the warm fuzzy images to this group it at least gives notice to those who have read a history book written by non-revisionists.

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  11. So interesting attack on the symbolism of the fist... I'm going to assume you've never actually studied symbolic communication, but I'll give you an "A" for effort. However, I'm afraid I'm going to have to give you an "F" for doing your research: FreedomWorks used the same symbol for their 9/12/10 march on DC.

  12. jastrikein said...

    I ponder the value of words that appear to be devised entirely to lure in a crowd of left thinking people for the purpose of lowering them to the level of a mere troll. Ironic that I find myself viewing this drivel, but it can be rather difficult to ignore a troll when it jumps up and down and screams to be swatted. So, for the sake of representing the human aspect of our political struggle. Go f*** yourself.

    jastrikein- I've re-posted your comment edited only for language before deleting the vulgarity.

    To the subject of your comment I will only say you are on my blog not me on yours. If anatomically impossible acts are your only response to criticism and questions then I'll leave honest people to judge between us.

  13. Eric- Given how often the Tea Party movements are called racist this either reinforces my point or undercuts the point of people calling the Tea Party racist. Personally I don't like the logo you pointed out and would not have rallied to it. I thing Freedomworks was using the wrong symbolism there. Also Freedom works hasn't "scrubbed" the image from the internet to hide their shame. I found it here: so there isn't a need to use an archive service.

    That said you've provided the most well thought out counter argument and thank you for at least giving a cybernom to address in my reply.

  14. It's true! One time usage of a symbol by a white supremacist group tarnishes that symbol forever.

    BRB, going to haggle some people with Confederate battle flag merch.

    Some more stuff that's used by white supremacists (

    Skulls! (aw, there goes all my Nightmare Before Christmas stuff :( )

    Spider webs! (aaaaaand there goes the rest of Hot Topic's floor merchandise)

    Crosses! (uh oh)

    Eagles! (double uh oh)

    Anything remotely resembling a Celtic rune!


    Tigers! (this one took me aback a little, as I used to see the logo featured []around my high school, who had the tiger as a mascot. It's the exact same tiger design.)

    [Off topic: you know you can set comments so no anonymous comments are allowed right? I haven't used Blogger in forever but unless it changed in the past two years I'm pretty certain you can.]

  15. Johnnykaje- The revolutions and revolutionary's associated with nearly any color of upraised fist symbol don't seem to stay non-violent in the long term. One reason I'm now a upset to find Freedomworks used it. Combine with a nice red star and we're getting a bit ominous.

    The original post was partly to point out that the Tea Party movement hasn't been given a free pass on what any word or image means and I'm not going to give the Occupy movement such a pass.

    You yourself took testicularly violent affront to the use of the Gaston flag image. In the same spirit(though without planning harm to anyone's genitals) the Occupy Joplin logo puts me on alert to the intentions of it's users.

    If I find myself moved to in the coming days I might spend some time deconstructing the Occupy Joplin statements and demands. For now though I have read them, life calls and more important things beckon.