Monday, November 7, 2011

Occupy Joplin Under the Red Star and White Fist

Some useful idiots decided to stage a protest at Bank of America this weekend. Since Bank of America has been systematically abusing it's customers into choosing a very capitalist solution of moving to another bank, the occupidiots are trying to jump on the band wagon and claim that all of these people are moving banks because of their pinko protests.

What they don't realize is that in their perfect little socialist world the only available bank will be state owned and make Bank of America look like a model of customer service and efficiency.

Never mind that they decided to stage their protest on the anniversary of a religious terrorist attack. What the occupiers of Joplin don't realize is that they aren't nearly radical enough for the people behind this movement, they will find themselves being the Kulaks of the Russian revolution with similar consequences.



  2. They're already claiming that in Oakland, only it's starting to look like not only were the protesters throwing rocks first but that was what likely beaned their potential "martyr of the revolution".

  3. yet the joplin vet parade was also on the anniversary of a religious terrorist attack.

    For someone who "supposedly" knows so much about the local movement, why haven't you faced them directly and actually talked to them about what their agenda is?

    But either way, I am sure they are happy that what they are doing is drawing attention to their causes. Now let's see if you are still "blogging" next year when they are still protesting

    Third, they aren't taking credit for people moving their money, they are just informing those who didn't know what BofA has been doing.

  4. Funny I missed all the VFW marchers nationwide in those snazzy beard and mustache masks, though I can agree that pushing holiday parades to a convenient weekend rather than in this case waiting for armistice day is unseemly.

    The occupidiots were nice enough to spare me the smell of them by posting their agenda and demands(it made for humorous reading to the economically literate).

    In Joplin I drove past Bank of America to day and they weren't still protesting(though to be fair it was drizzling at the time).

    As for informing those poor screwed BOA customers. If they didn't feel the San-lubrication rogering that BOA was already giving them I doubt the signs were going to get through to them.

    Also if the glorious 4-state's revolution is depending upon my blog's tiny readership for publicity they might as well pack up their cardboard and go home.

    Thanks for commenting, feel free to comment non-anonymously. I promise not to troll your blog.

  5. for someone who supposedly knows a lot about the local movement, you must not have realized it was a timed event and not lasting "days".

    Besides I think they are doing fine as far as numbers and publicity as it is without you, you after all are the one talking about them, so maybe you are trying to garner some of the attention :) No harm in that just be truthful about it.

    And funny I missed the local occupy movement wearing those same masks...hmmm maybe because they wasn't?

    You see let me ask you this, if you think they are idiots, and you don't think they will make any change, then why even concern yourself with them at all?

    Oh yeah, might be the publicity thing. :)

  6. Anonymous troll baiting, fun though it can be, wasn't really on my list when I decided to comment on the Occupy Joplin two minute hate.

    I suppose you might be right about the occupidiots really being someone's useful-occupidiots, but I'm trying to be less paranoid about such things. Of course once the white-power-fist percolated to the front of my brain I figured what the hell, the secret cabal only lets you live once.

    As for the Joplin group not wearing Guy Fawkes masks, last year people in the tea party were asked to defend every sign anyone who showed up anywhere nationwide was carrying. Given that those rules have been chosen I'm merely asking the local Occupy Joplin people to live by them. If I have to answer for every moron birther's stupid sign they can answer for this. If they want to play the not associated then I'd like to ask why they posted a how to blockade manual under resources on their own website.

    Of course being an anonymous troll you can't answer for them.

  7. ".........actually talked to them about what their agenda is?......

    Too many 'agendas', not enough time to talk with them all!