Thursday, November 3, 2011

Occupy the Price of Arugula

Those peaceful souls of the Occupy Oakland movement have demostrated their commitment to nonviolence by vandalizing a hippy Whole Foods grocery store.

Video streaming by Ustream

They later decided that they would like to redistribute the lifeforce of someone driving a Mercedes who in a typically greedy capitalist way refused to share with the people surrounding and beating upon his car.

 One of these well intentioned and peaceful revolutionaries was run down by the evil luxury car driver for the mere crime of blocking the capitalist's way while the other occupiers were only trying to force open his car and eat the obviously rich because they were hungry on account of someone trashing the Whole Foods.


  1. These OCCUPY PEOPLE remind me of chickens running with their heads chopped off!

  2. That would be organic free-range chickens from communal state farms running around with their heads chopped off.

  3. I wonder how much the bulk ammo cost out there because it looks like there gonna need it soon.

  4. Well fortunately for residents of the People's Democratic Republic of California the micro-stamping of each bullet casing requirement stalled in their Duma so they still can buy bulk ammo.....for now.

    Thanks for commenting Brett.