Wednesday, November 30, 2011


7 days of food: Check
Guns: Check
Waterproof ammo: Check(the cheap Russian steel case stuff is usually sealed)
Missing fingers: Nope I can still count to 10 with my shoes and pants on.

So I meet 3 out of 4 of these criteria, I would advise everyone to contact their representatives. I know that "Defense appropriations" are regarded as a must pass, but if they leave this attached to it I believe it would be better for the military to not be funded than for ANY President in the future to have this power.


  1. Guess my goose is cooked...I have a missing digit on right hand. I'm four out of four.

  2. See you at Gitmo, remember "You love Big Brother."

  3. Considering all of the crap I have been going thru with google--someone is watching me!

    I could care less.......

    Now my email is screwed up and I have spent a lot time working with my phone service (TDS) and the glitch (whatever it is) is Apple's fault (I have a MAC)!!

    Apple has told me (my warranty expired last year) that they can fix the problem but I have to 'register' and pay them $50 for the fix!

    MY biggest on line 'enemies' are Google and Apple---if you're going to pick fight, I could have picked a better pair!

  4. OCM- Given the cronyism between Google and this president you'll have a waterboard next to me and Stephen.