Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Difference between Parent and Genom-donor

If you lived in a park of 24 trailers that had 15 registered sex offenders in it would you leave three little girls alone to go buy a cigar? Either someone is criminally negligent or else negotiated a time to "step out" with someone.

I know circumstances leave people raising children in less than ideal conditions, but there is a world of difference between a parent in those conditions and someone who just has a child assigned to them by biological heredity. I pray that it isn't a life or death difference for this little girl.


  1. There is a very 'simple' solution to CHILD SEX ABUSERS.

    The penalty for such crimes needs to be changed.

    CHILD SEXUAL ABUSERS are BORN this way and they will stay an ABUSER
    until the day they die.

    With this in mind, second time offenders need to be sentenced to life or death (depending on the circumstances).

  2. Rope, tree , pedophile: some assembly required.