Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Va. Tech Shooting First Impressions.

1. My prayers for comfort for the victim's families.

2. Someone who was ready to shoot a cop over a traffic stop was apparently undeterred by the campus's gun free zone.

3. They also don't seem to have been deterred by buying officer XXL a fancy set of multi-cam to go under his black swat body armor.

4. The Brady bunch will of course use this to vilify gun owners who wouldn't  shoot a cop because we got pulled over.

5. When a suspect is identified any criminal history or immigration status that would have kept him from owning a gun legally will be glossed over.

Update: One of the two dead is now thought to be the guy who shot the cop for pulling him over.


  1. it wasn't the guy that got pulled over that shot the cop. listen to all the details and then comment

  2. Notice he said "first impressions." Learn to read and then comment.

  3. Aonon- We know that at 7:54 pm at 3:38 details were sketchy and I admit I was speculating(cop shot during traffic stop the safe suspect bet is on the driver, just like when a kid goes missing you have to look pretty closely at the parents).

    As for what comes now we'll see if this story get's buried or gets a decent follow up.

  4. Anon.....

    Get current....