Sunday, December 11, 2011

Let Me Get This Straight

Guy assassinates random cop after months of anti-cop Occupidiot protests= Nothing to see or speculate upon by the media.

Man shouting Allahu Akbar! shoots people in nice cars in Hollywood= Witness accounts of this suppressed by the media.

Man judged nuttier than planters shoots people including political elite= Sarah Palin conspired with the NRA to Clockwork Orange this guy into a weapon because that is what teabaggers do according to the media.

I know media bias is low hanging fruit, but it really struck me with these last two public shootings.


  1. Media bias works both ways. The moon could blow up tomorrow and that Pamela Geller chick would blame it on them there moose-limbs.

    Tyler Brehm was despondent over a breakup, doped to the gills, and committed suicide by cop. He wasn't even muslim.

    I'm sure maybe someone who was there thought they heard something and their mind told them that it sounded like Allahu Akhbar, and so Pam jumped on that rumor with both feet.

  2. Good points Tam, I was just speculating due to the lack of speculation by the media, after Tuscon they were jumping after any shred of justifying their own opinions. While I'm guilty of that myself here, the silence was making me wonder if the truth was something that was the opposite of the narrative.