Thursday, December 8, 2011

Droning On

So apparently the Iranians have managed to capture one of our stealthiest aircraft intact. So not only were the geniuses in the CIA flying one of our most advanced aircraft over enemy territory, but they just couldn't be bothered with something like a self destruct fail-safe.

This is a bigger technical intelligence loss than the Bin-laden raid tail-rotor without the importance of the mission that I can see.

The President nixed any attempt to recapture or destroy the drone as "an act of war" therefore something not to be done before his 17 day Hawaiian vacation.


  1. *facepalm*

    sometimes its seems like little kids are running this country.

  2. Pissed- I'm not sure your average cub scout troop couldn't do a better job.

  3. Just another 'casualty' of a dumbass war!

  4. OCM- If the Iranians and reverse engineer too much of this or sell it to China, it might well cause far more casualties.

  5. Hmm...I don't think a self-destruct is going to be effective in destroying all the stealthy bits. Not without being massively heavy. Better to have one on the surveillance gear and any sensitive electronics (especially the crypto).

    Either way their going to get their hands on things they shouldn't.

    Well I suppose you could pack along a nuke as a destruct, but...yeah.

  6. Pimpley- You're right about not being able to stop the Iranians from getting their hands on the formula for advanced RAM, with anything non-atomic.

    It does make you wonder if they were beta testing sensitive classified equipment over enemy airspace.