Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mindless Bureaucracy Helps RKBA for Once.

Cheese-heads are hyperventilating over their new concealed carry law, which requires ignoring the lack of blood in the gutters both in their state and scores of other "shall issue" states.

The latest attempt to gen up hysteria involves the fact that the bill protects a business that allows concealed carry from litigation arising from such, but doesn't say anything to protect businesses that forbid concealed carry.

Personally I think that an institution that demands I disarm before I enter their establishment, should be liable if someone takes advantage of their victim disarmament zone.

ht: Unc


  1. I am a big TV fan of Alaska State Troopers.

    In Alaska you do not need a permit to carry--the only requirement is, if you get stopped by a Trooper, you'd better tell him/her
    that you have a weapon in the car or you are busted!

  2. Vermont, Alaska, Arizona, and Wyoming are now all constitutional carry(i.e. if you are legal to own a gun you can carry it).

    In Alaska you tell a trooper you've got a gun and he tells you to carry something bigger or the bears will eat you, in Canton Ohio you tell an officer you've got a gun and he threatens to shoot you because you couldn't tell him sooner on account of him verbally abusing you.