Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Irony Lost on Hackers and Occupidiots

A group of computer hackers who go by Anonymous have published the addresses and phone numbers of police officers to retaliate for the various evictions of occupidiots from their trespasses.  Anonymous members don't seem to be so forthcoming with their own personal information.

I hope when these fine folk OD on Meth(or their dealer shoots them because he hasn't slept in a week and is feeling paranoid) that the first responders are just a little distracted worrying about their families to prevent them from dying a lingering death. Sadly this will affect more than just the guilty.

As for the scum tying up first responders who could otherwise be arresting someone before they got around to a violent crime and who set out to break the law as the beginning and foundation of their "movement", I'm coming to more the same conclusion:


  1. TJ Hooker is alive and well!

    The occupy issue reminds me of a pile of manure....or simply stated shit draws flies (occupiers)......

  2. OCM- In the whole "circle of life" the occupidiots then shit in public to draw more flies.

  3. Oh look corpratists with opinions.

    1. Pretty much the level of reasoned discourse one comes to expect from occupidiots.