Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Picture Lacking Range Report.

So I had a chance to go shooting Thursday and as usual I neglected to bring my camera.

First thing was testing the Chip McCormick 10 round Magazine for my wife's STI Spartan. Alas the gun's tolerances proved too tight to simply slip the Kimber 22 upper onto it, my thanks to a wonderful gun doctor who will remain anonymous in case he doesn't want to be besieged with questions from people up shart creek.

Then I finally got my DPMS Sweet 16 zeroed in with it's scope at the 100 yard range on paper. Now I just need to practice up on my rifle shooting.
Finished up with putting a box through my cocealed carry piece and shooting my High Standard Durango untill I ran out of time.

A fun day all around, with minimal Cletus factor on the unsupervised Conservation Department Range. Alas I haven't as much time to flush this post out but hopefully this proves moderately distracting reading.


  1. Nice! Looks like a good time and great looking Firearms. I was going to wait until tomorrow to head to the range, but you have motivated me.

    1. Have fun even bad days shooting beat most other days.