Sunday, February 26, 2012

Unintentional Guilty Pleasures

So it's a really nice day out and I decide to take my 15mo daughter to Wal-Mart to give my wife some breathing space. I was already wearing a very toned down Hawian shirt and I just slipped my Charter Under-cover lite in an inner waist holster in my pants and left.

Everything was fine until I started to put the little girl back into her car seat to go home. At which point a car with loud rap "music" and tinted windows spots me and backs up to wait for my parking space. Then as I was in the middle of strapping in a little wiggly thing the wind grabs my shirt and blows it up to my armpits flashing my firearm to God, everyone, and the yahoos in the loud rap "music" car in particular; who then decide to back up farther just to give me a little more room to pull out. Fortunately under Missouri law I wasn't doing anything wrong, though I do acknowledge that I made a poor choice in my cover garment.

Moral shirts that were adequate before you started concealed carrying, may not be anymore. Also people can be observant at the most hilarious times.


  1. No harm, no foul. Now if only they'd turned that offensive noise down ...

    1. It was difficult to tell if they had given how far they backed up.

  2. Replies
    1. Yep, though this was one case where I was glad I don't live in Texas.

    2. When I had my permit in California, I carried my pistol loose in a leather shoulder bag......

    3. OCM- Off body carry is a controversial topic nowadays, normally I don't have a problem with inner pants holsters.