Wednesday, June 8, 2011

J is for Jackboot

The Department of Education is now getting in on the no knock warrant business.

So to make clear instead of either knocking on the door and presenting their warrant or surrounding the house and calling out on loud speakers, these geniuses decide to justify their own existence as an armed force by kicking in someone's door and terrorizing their kids but didn't time their raid for when the person they were going to arrest for the dangerous crime of failing to repay a student loan wasn't at home.

Someone really needs to examine the force that the Department of Education is allowed to use in debt collection.

Debt collection in general is becoming too much of a criminalized process as the Wallstreet Journal writes.
Update: Tam pointed to SayUncle finding and posting the warrant from this raid. Not only is it only for garden variety white collar fraud, but the Judge crossed out the "any other contraband" section of it. Someone needs to at least get called before congress to explain how they thought it would be unsafe to simply knock on the door/surround and call out on the megaphone and present the warrant. This doesn't strike me as the type of crime that someone pulls a gat and screams "die pigs" over.

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