Tuesday, June 21, 2011

UN arms-control treaties protect rape cultists

Central African villagers are having to fight off a large well armed group of bandits with homemade shotguns. All because neither their government or the UN will allow them to purchase arms. Even impoverished villagers could probably afford a few of these. Even if they couldn't I'm sure that US gun enthusiasts would actually get behind a charity(possible name: Defend the Children) for decent folks to militia themselves.

The end of the story on this breathlessly bemoans that this militia self defense indicates that people don't believe in their government. I will say that any government that can't protect their people from this type of thing deserves not loyalty from its people.


  1. So we can afford to prop up a corrupt and ineffectual regime in Afghanistan and can afford to bomb the crap out of Libya for something that has absolutely nothing to do with us but we can't deploy platoons to places like this?

    What a crock.

  2. Even worse we will not even let them arm themselves. From the sound of it these people are doing a decent job even with improvised weapons.

    This also is a point to would be gun grabbers in our countries. Crude firearms aren't that hard to make.